Wednesday, August 29, 2012

great websites for being GLUTEN FREE in Paris

a listing of the gluten free restaurants and their menu items/availability

met some great celiacs from abroad today, and ate crepes!!!! More news in the week to come.

also.... by switching google to the .fr site, you can find a lot more options....,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=6095a3ee13c45fd&biw=1277&bih=621

also here:

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gluten Free Breads available in Paris France

One of the best places to get gluten free bread reliably is at


This is the health food chain of france. They have all organic veggies and fruits as well as many gluten free products and natural health products. The staff I have met, currently from the Effiel tower location and the Trocerdo location have been helpful and english speaking.

locations can be found on the website....    Just enter your postal code and Voila, a gluten free store near you!

The bread brands they have most commonly are SCHAR and REVOLA.

Schar gluten free products are a bit sweeter tasting then some canadian and merican brands of gluten free breads, but for gluten free, they are delicious. You can get mini-baguettes and sliced sandwich breads that are ready for consumption, and you can also get Ciabatta bread rolls that you bake at home for 10 minutes. These are a bit softer and tastier because of baking them yourself, and your house smells of bread too.

Revola brands are smaller loaves but the gluten free breads are hearty and filling. They are a bit more "multi-grain" like and reminiscent of the kinnikkinick multi grain breads.

The packages have labels on them that indicate the mode of eating for each gluten free product.... for example, the sliced sandwich bread says "for toasting" and the baguettes say "ready to eat"

There is also some fresh breads that are gluten free, available early some mornings.... but be careful.... they are open to the environment and usually located right next to the heavily floured regular breads in the front windows.... the cross contamination risk is huge.

Here are some pictures of the breads.....

My favorites so far are the petite baguettes, they are sweet and soft. I take them with cheese and tomatoes or sliced chicken to my french classes for lunch.

Tonight for dinner, I toasted some of the SCHAR sliced gluten free white bread and fried up some gluten free hotdogs (next post) and had open faced hotdogs for dinner on my balcony.  A totally summer friendly gluten free dinner.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding condiments: a more difficult task unless you change your mindset

Sorry for the delay to those of you were were witness to the "BRB" that occupied this post previous... Now on to gluten free condiments in Paris.

Here is another lesson in adjustments.... if your expectations are those of a typical gluten free north american, I'd leave them at the border, condiments are delicious here, they just aren't what a typical gluten free North American (ect.) would use.

Let's start with some easy ones..... Gluten Free Condiments I have found so far in Paris

Ketchup. or Catsup if you prefer.
This one was easy to tick off my shopping list. Hienz is everywhere and continues it's ingredients, and gluten free status, across the board. There are some no-name or smaller name brand ketchups with similar ingredients and I didn't find any with suspicious or non-descript ingredients that made me leery. It seems that Ketchup, in Paris, is easily found gluten free.

Just to be clear,I am not a huge fan of mustard, gluten free or not, but it appears to be as easy as Ketchup to find gluten free here in Paris. I'd encourage you to vary your mustard buying habits and give some of the tens of varieties available here for mustards. I looked over a few labels and although I did not purchase any, hence the lack of pictures for this one... I did take note that not many contained any gluten at all. One brand had the word "AMIDON" and "amidon" is STARCH, here in paris, unlabelled STARCH is wheat starch.


most of the mayos I checked out were all gluten free, and I found some good old hellmans too.

You will have to adjust your expectations here too.... most typical (american) style dressings contain gluten here, there are a few that don't, but the most popular dressing here, by far, and gluten free, is oil and vinegar.

Two that I found, and have enjoyed, are by a company called FLORETTE and are part of the "ma sauce" line. The first is Fromage Blanc & Moutarde de dejon, and the second, Leger en Mateire grasse
They contain "amidon modifie de pomme de terre" which is potato starch and is gluten free. Invest in some great olive oil and vinegar, honestly, nothing makes fresh mozzarella and tomatoes taste better.

And some great news.... real HOLLANDAISE sauce does not contain gluten. You will need to, of course, check with your server and be sure it is made in house and the ingredients are known, but in most places you can have the hollandaise sauce. I love it on eggs in the morning.

 The gluten free BBQ sauce available in Paris is called HP BBQ SAUCE, its like HP sauce, commonly available but BBQ flavoured. Super tasty, great on chicken, I recently tried it out on some Russian, Polish, Slovac and Swedish friends of mine from French class, who all loved it. I have only found the SMOKY flavour and only at one shop, the aforementioned LA FERME at Victor Hugo Place.

Victor Hugo is a metro station so is easy to locate. LA FERME le Victor Hugo is also easy to locate, it is the only grocery store around the circle. They have a ton of GF products, and some rare ones for France, like microwavable popcorn. Which i found, gluten free, Orville Redenbachers old fashioned butter flavour.


 BBQ Sauce
Okay, this one was a hard one.... there are two brands of BBQ sauce available in Paris, and although my search was by no means exhaustive.... over 12 grocery stores plus biocoop and Naturalia's, I didn't find more than these two brands. The first brand is a red bottle with a "oh ouizz!" label,  its by Benedicta, and  IT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. It contains "amidon transforme" DO NOT BUY THIS ONE> See the picture.....

So... that's it for the condiments in my fridge... but if you have questions about others, the French, and I am proud to include myself here, shop nearly everyday for fresh foods and such, so I have tons of opportunity to zip over an aisle and check it out. SO let me know what other choices or selections you'd like to me to look into.

More to come as I find them.

Gluten Free Packaged foods: Less common but available.

Second post..... where to start?

First off, there is so much gluten free in Paris, its a bit of a lie to read in other blogs and websites that gluten free in Paris is difficult. It's really not.

What is difficult is getting every substitute you are used to finding in America. This is not how the french live, eat or do gluten free.

I think it's important to adjust your expectations. Remember there is more to being gluten free than packaged products that mimic flour based products. Don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies and your cheeses and meats.

Gluten free in Paris is easier on a well balanced diet that does not solely rely on pre-packaged foods, although many are still available.

Just in case pre-packaged foods are your thing, there are still lots available. For example, I have in my cupboard, 2 different microwavable pasta dinners, gluten free from LES RECETTES DE CELIANE purchased at LA FERME D'HUGO located at 5 PLACE VICTOR HUGO, 75016 Paris.

you can find more info about these products and this company by going to:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello from the Gluten Free Girl in Paris


Mon nom est jenny et je suis un Canadien vivant à Paris pendant un certain temps.

My name is Jenny, and I am a Canadian living in Paris for a while. I am currently terrible at French, so most of the blog will be in English, with translations provided where there is any French.

When I embarked on my journey to Paris, I was dismayed and a little sad at the projected future I found online.... so many people saying there are no options.... that the people don't understand..... that it was super hard to find food....


I have lived here for a week.... technically less than that, right at this moment. And I have found the people great, the food wonderful and the finding of gluten free products, easy.

I am gonna share how, put some of the bad reports out and bring in some positive feedback and how-tos.

Here we go.